Lexington Restaurant, Lexington Park, MD

The Lexington Restaurant & Lounge on Urbanspoon

This was a good place to eat. After my meeting today was over, I drove past this restaurant, and decided to stop and give it a try.

I got there about 1130. There were not many people in. I got seated and got iced tea, that was very good. I ordered fried chicken.

It came as a breast and wing (so a 1/4 bird), and it was perfect! Not hugely greasy, but juicy and wonderful taste. The mashed potatoes and chicken gravy was tasty. I got apple sauce as the second side, it was a large cup.

The service was good. The place was just as occupied when I left at 1230. My check was $12.69. It was an enjoyable meal.


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2 Responses to “Lexington Restaurant, Lexington Park, MD”

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  2. Monica Henson Says:

    Went for lunch twice. Food was excellent and good prices. You get a lot of food. Homemade food. I had the meatloaf one day and the hot roast beef the second time. Service was very good and food came out in a timely manner even though they were busy. So hubby and I went up for the Sunday football. Had a great time and again the food and service was excellent. Good atmosphere the other customers are serious about their football too. My new favorite place.

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