Stroud’s, Wichita, KS

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I’ve eaten at Stroud’s a number of time since around 1996. It’s specialty is country comfort food.

The first time I ate there, I had the big CFS, it was great! One of my coworkers had a New York Strip, and could only eat about 1/3 of it; I put it away also, it was also fantastic! Amy didn’t even want me to pay for the part I ate. So my first experience there was very good.

This evening I had the family there. We are in Wichita on a small Spring Break trip. We got there at 1715, and left at 1830. The place was wide open when we got there, and only about half full when we left.

Raegan and I got the fried chicken. She got all dark, and I got all light. It came on a big platter, and was really good, not greasy, and very crunchy. The chicken was nice and juicy. We got salads also. They were very basic, iceberg lettuce, dressing, one slice of cucumber, and a big slice of red onion.

Erin got just a bowl of chicken noodle soup and ate some of the cinnamon rolls that come with the meal. It was good soup.

Ian got the Salmon, and both he and Raegan said it was excellent.

The meal is served with family-style potatoes (we got mashed, with gravy), and green beans. These were all pretty good also. The gravy went particularly well with the fried chicken.

We all got iced tea, except Ian, who got Coke. The tea was excellent, and refilled often.

The check was $61.06. The biggest part of this was the salmon, at $17.99. The meal was good, filling, and enjoyable.

I’ve had steak, CFS, and some excellent fried pork chops here in the past.

There is the original Stroud’s in Kansas City, I’ve never eaten there.


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