Midvale Mining Cafe, Midvale (Salt Lake City), UT

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I drove past this place last night when I was headed back to my hotel, and thought it would be a good place to try. This afternoon after I visited the Utah Natural History Museum, I headed that way.

I got there about 1745. They place was about 15% full.

I ordered immediately. I asked if the CFS was breaded there, and my server said it was not, but it was very good. I opted for a New York Strip.

I got the soup of the day (vegetable beef). It was hotter than heck, but very tasty. With the snow coming down outside, the soup was psychologically excellent.

The iced tea was good as well. It was kept refilled.

My steak was very good. It was closer to medium well rather then the medium which I ordered, but not too bad. It had good flavor, no gristle, and little embedded fat. I ate every scrap.

The meal came with a bunch of green and wax beans. I ordered rice pilaf for my starch (I find myself liking french fries significantly less over the past year or so). I also got sauteed mushrooms, and they were a perfect complement.

One thing about this place – they serve a “scone” with the meal. I think it’s not an English scone, it’s more like a flattened dinner roll.

I left around 1900. The place was still about 15% full. My check was $20.76. The service was pretty good. Overall, this was a very good meal.


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