Big Moes Eatery and Bakery, Price, UT

Big Moe's Eatery and Bakery on Urbanspoon

I took a little drive into the Utah mountains this afternoon. I ended up in Price, UT. Since it was near dinnertime, I was looking for chow. I saw a billboard on the way into town for Big Moes. Since I personally know a Big Moe, and he is an alright guy, I thought that boded well. The billboard also said they did Dutch Oven dinners – I just about drove off the road, drooling liberally.

I found Moes without any problem, and got in there about 1700. There was one table occupied (out of about 15). I ordered iced tea. It was good, but unfortunately it was tainted with coffee flavor. I switched to Dr. Pepper, which was good.

I asked my server about the Dutch Oven dinners, since they were not on the menu, and she informed me they didn’t do those any more. Crap, I thought to myself.

Instead, I ordered from their extensive list of burgers. I got a half pounder with cheese, mayo, lettuce, and pickles. The burger got there pretty quickly. It was cooed medium (I prefer burgers to be medium well, but I didn’t specify this time). The burger was outstanding! It had a wonderful beef taste, and a great texture to it as well. The burger began to disintegrate as I ate it, but I managed to get it all down before I had to use a fork to finish it. That was a great cheeseburger.

I got fries with it. They were handcut, and really good. For the second time today, I got asked if I would rather have catsup or fry sauce! I got the fry sauce again, and this was just a touch more spicy, and was really, really good with the burger.

I left at 1735. My check was $9.00. I would eat here again.


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