Iggy’s Sports Grill, Salt Lake City, UT

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I was driving around in the SLC area today, and picked this place mainly because I drove past it.

I got there around 1215. The place was only about 25% full.

Being that it is a sports bar, the menu leans towards sandwiches. I ordered iced tea. It was good, and while it ran out a couple times, I didn’t have to wait long for refills.

The meal starts with a load of sourdough type bread and a sweet-and-spicy sauce to dip it in. The spice was not too hot.

I ordered a “Philly With”, which is a play on the true cheesesteak “wit”. The sandwich arrived quickly. It was not bad, which is not to say it was good. The sandwich was medium-thick roast beef, with some sauteed onion as a layer, and some cheese on top (Amereican on half, provolone on half). Now, if you presented this sandwich as a cheesesteak in Philadelphia, you might get shot for your trouble. It was not a true cheesesteak. The onions should have been chopped up and cooked with the meat to begin with. I can understand not using Cheeze Whiz, but the cheese should have been melted/integrated in with the steak part of the putative cheesesteak. The sandwich came with au jus for dipping – again, a sign of a French Dip instead of a cheesesteak.

The default side is fries. I asked for onion rings instead. They were GREAT. Needed more than the limited number that came with the meal. The rings were the best part of the meal.

I learned something about Utah today – I was asked if I wanted catsup or “fry sauce”. I looked at the server and the expression apparently on my face made her ask “you’re not from around here, are you?”. Fry sauce is a mix: ([catsup | BBQ sauce] + mayo). This is essentially what Red Robin serves with onion rings. The stuff at Iggy’s was more mayo than red stuff, but it was good.

I was at the Jordan Landing location of Iggy’s – there are several over the SLC area.

I left around 1315. The place had maybe ten tables filled. My check was $13.37. The service was pretty decent. If I ever go back, I will get something else, just because I have a very high standard for cheesesteaks after having one from each of the Big 3 in Philly.


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