The Green Pig Pub and Grill, Salt Lake City, UT

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I picked this place pretty much randomly. I had a recommendation for an Italian place near downtown, but it was out of business. I saw another interesting place, so I parked and walked there, but even though it was supposed to be open, they had closed early. The Green Pig was just down the street, so I gave it a try.

It was not a good start. I sat down and was roundly ignored for about 15 min. Finally, a server came over and took my drink order, for iced tea, as usual. It was another 10 minutes to get it, and it was HORRIBLE. It was a nasty mix of tea and coffee flavor. After about another 10 minutes, I finally got a menu, and I asked the server for Coke instead. It’s worth noting that a half hour later, she was picking up that vile swill, and asked why. I told her, and she said that yes, the tea and coffee were made from the same equipment, was that a problem? I suggested that they bleach one set of equipment and just use it for tea. Somehow, I don’t think my advice will be followed.

I arrived at about 2000. The place was about 80% full. Little eating (except for some appetizers) was going on, mainly it was drinking. After a bit, the front door crew turned up the volume on the the TV right over me, since a Jazz game was on. It was right on the borderline of my asking to turn it down.

The dinner menu was limited. I got a sorta-Cuban sandwich. The sandwich was pretty good, it was pressed and hot. The ham was really good. The fries that came with the sandwich were excellent – hand cut, fried to just the right level of crispiness, and they had seasoning salt (a little much in a couple cases, I brushed encrusted salt off into a nice layer on the bottom of the basket).

I left about 2100 – the place was full. It seems that the main part of the crowd was in their 20s and early 30s. The door people were actively checking IDs of every person – except me (grrr…), I may have to shave the beard off. The place has wifi that is fairly good. My check was $11.50. The service was not very good, but one of the male servers picked up the slack for my designated server.


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