Please Permit Me A Rant About A Blackberry Bug

OK, it’s not often that a handheld screws up a rare opportunity.

Our daughter Erin went on a field trip to the Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge today. They were having a special program on ladybugs.

While there, Erin was interviewed by Channel 9, KWTV here in Oklahoma City. The interview was not very long, but we thought it was cool.

I do not have a working VCR, and my DVR won’t record over-the-air TV. So I whipped out my Blackberry 8220, turned on the video camera, got it lined up with the TV, and found a steady place to hold it for a good picture. When Channel 9 started the segment with Erin in it, I pushed the start button and we were off!

Unfortunately, seven seconds into the segment, I got a Blackberry calendar reminder pop up. I clicked Dismiss, and the video was still being shown, BUT IT WAS NOT BEING RECORDED! I watched the segment with Erin through the Blackberry LCD, not knowing it was not being captured.

After a few shouted words that were of the unpleasant variety, I did a couple controlled tests and found that this behavior was consistent. Once the reminder pops up, the video recording stops. I think this is a bug in the Blackberry 8220. I will report it to RIM as such.

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