Sienna Restaurant, El Dorado Hills, CA

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After our meetings were over for the day, I used Google Maps to find Sienna. It had good reviews and it was close.

A group of six work friends got there about 1730. The place was virtually empty.

Siennas is really nice inside. The wood was really pretty.

The menu was actually kind of limited, but had a variety of things that were kind of unusual, like pork T-Bone.

I ordered the wood-oven baked pepperoni pizza. It was excellent, and the perfect size for a single person. When I asked for Parmesan Cheese, it came grated, and was wonderful.

The iced tea was good if a bit weaker than I lke. The server kept it full, and that’s a Good Thing.

Gayle got the Skirt Steak and mashed potatos. I mention this because she and Clark didn’t finish it, so I did. It was excellent! The steak was very tender (almost easily fork tender) even though it was almost an inch thick. Really good taste. The mashers were really good also, obviously real potatoes that had been boiled. The way mashers should be made.

We left around 1830. Siennas was about 70% full. My check was $16.13 (and Gayle and Clark didn’t let me pay for the part of their food I ate).

Siennas has wifi (two channels, one open and one WPA), but the open channel wouldn’t connect. I mentioned it to our server and the hostess, but no one seemed able to reset it. I normally wouldn’t have cared, but the T-Mobile cell service was really bad – 3 bars outside the restaurant, NONE inside. So I really wanted to have my Blackberry VoIP over the wifi connection in case one of the other people tried to call. Everyone got there just fine, though.


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