Classen Grill, Oklahoma City, OK

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Classen Grill has been around forever. It used to be on Classen Circle, which got replaced with a much less interesting interchange.

My very cute and kidney-annoyed roommate and I were headed to her doctor appointment and decided to try Classen Grill.

We got there around 1230, the place was less than 10% full. We got a booth. I ordered iced tea, it was good.

Raegan ordered cheese sticks for an appetizer. After a bit, the server said they were out of cheese sticks, so we got chips and queso instead. That was some darn fine queso, it had a rich flavor and just a minimal touch of spice. The chips were good also.

Raegan got a club sandwich. She liked it, but was only able to eat part of it (the rest became dinner this evening). The meal came with “Classen Potatoes”, which were potato wedges and were very good.

I got a chicken fried steak. It was pretty darn good. The gravy was smooth and not peppery. I would rate that CFS as a 9 out of 10. The breading was tasty and not sweet. I’d gladly eat another one. I got mashed potatoes, they were kind of bland, but still got eaten.

The CFS came with a garden salad, the ranch dressing was EXCELLENT.

This was a delicious meal. Raegan wants to come back for a breakfast, and our good friend Jackie also told us later that the breakfasts there were wonderful. So that’s a mission!

Our check was just under $20. We left at 1335, and the place was pretty much empty (they close at 1400 M-W, then at 1500 the other days).


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