Old School Bagel Cafe, Oklahoma City, OK

Old School Bagel Cafe on Urbanspoon

While we were out and about yesterday, my very cute but unusually indecisive roommate had a very distinct desire for a specific lunch. So by gosh, we found it for her. She wanted a ham and cream cheese bagel. We called Panera Bread, but they didn’t have them. The Google Map app to the rescue! It pointed us up the road a bit to Old School Bagel Cafe.

We drove up there, and lo and behold they had exactly what she wanted. I’m not a big fan of bagels, but they put the same stuff on either croissants or wheat bread.

Raegan got her ham and cream cheese bagel and pronounced it simply wonderful. She said it was “bliss”. I got a Cowboy (roast beef and turkey) on wheat, and Erin got a ham and cheese on wheat. We got chips and such. We all liked our sandwiches.

I got iced tea to drink. It was labeled China Mist. China Mist comes in straight black and a fruity variety. They have China Mist at City Bites, but I have not been impressed with it. So the people at Old School do something different to their China Mist that improves the taste significantly.

We enjoyed the meal. Their wifi was down when we were there. Old School closes at 1500 on Saturday (and I think they close at 1400 or so every day). We got there about 1445 and left around 1520. The staff was super friendly.


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