Texas Ribs and BBQ, Waldorf, MD

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I was in the mood for some BBQ after a really nice hike, so I went here.

I started off with some chili. It was not very good. A LOT of beans, of different types, and little meat.

I got there about 1930. I ordered iced tea and a sampler that consisted of three meats. I chose pulled pork, ribs, and chicken. The ribs were tender, and were mostly smoked. I think they needed just a touch longer in the smoker. The pulled pork was outstanding – really nice flavor and tender. I really enjoyed the pulled pork best. The chicken was a total waste. It was dry and there was no amount of tea drinking would fix it. The BBQ sauce was no help either. That was some lousy chicken.

The BBQ sauce was odd. I tried both the mild and the hot, and really tasted no difference. The hot had a definate jalapeno flavor, but no heat. The mild… it was thin and had an odd taste to it. It did not really enhance the flavor of the meat. I stopped using the sauce.

The meal came with two sides. I asked about the cole slaw, and the server told me it was vinegar based. so I got baked beans and potato salad. The potato salad was OK. The baked beans were very boring. They were fairly undercooked to begin with, and the sauce they were in was very tomato-y.

One thing: this sampler platter was a LOT of food. I bet three people could have eaten this meal. I could not come close to finishing it. The check was $20.33.


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2 Responses to “Texas Ribs and BBQ, Waldorf, MD”

  1. Brad sloan Says:

    Nice read. Speaking of great BBQ, just had a layover in Dallas and ate here, bigracksbbq.com. Yum yum!

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