Chelino’s Mexican Restaurant, Oklahoma City, OK

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This evening, after we finished a Girl Scout project at St. John’s, we went to Chelino’s on Jackie’s suggestion. It was a great suggestion, and a very pleasant surprise.

We got there about 1920 this evening. The seven of us were seated immediately.

The salsa was OK, it had a heavy tomato flavor. The queso was really mild and kind of thin. The chips were pretty standard.

I ordered the enchiladas, one beef and one chicken. The beef enchilada was good, but the chicken was excellent. One of the best I have ever had, the flavor was outstanding. The meal came with beans and rice; the rice was good; it was kind of light colored.

Raegan had a taco salad. It was pretty good, since it was too big for her I ate part of it.

Ian got two chicken enchiladas, when he thought he was ordering chicken quesadillas. Gripe gripe gripe.

Jackie got the Mexican Dinner. I had a byte of her tamale, and it was really good also.

Erin got chicken quesadilla and ate all of it. Jack and Olivia both got a beef soft taco. Everybody pretty much ate everything.

The meal came with some light and fluffy sopapillas.

The tea was good, in a large container, and refilled often.

It was our turn to buy, and we got out with a check of $65.81. This was very reasonable, I think.

While I want to try the fajitas and maybe a burrito, I think that Chelino’s is very good and a good value.

We ate at the location on May Avenue in Oklahoma City.


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