Johnny Rockets, Las Vegas, NV

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I first ate at a Johnny Rockets a couple years ago in Kent, WA. It was pretty good. The family and I ate at the Johnny Rockets in Las Vegas (4480 Paradise Road) a couple years ago since it was only a block or so away from the hotel. We are back this year, and the kids and I walked back down to the same place for lunch today.

I got a Rocket Double, and it was easily one of the best cheeseburgers I have had. The beef was tasty and had a nice crust on it, giving it a great texture. The meat was quite juicy, and that caused the only “problem” – the bottom part of the bun started to disintegrate. That just meant I needed to be a bit more creative in holding it together (kind of like life, huh?).

Ian got a cheeseburger also and really scarfed it down.

Erin got the three mini chili cheese hot dogs. Again, the beef hot dogs were really tasty (not bland at all), and were well cooked. The chili was really good also – all meat, no beans. She managed to eat one of the three, and I had the other two.

We all got fries – this was a bit much. We managed to eat, between the three of us, about 1.25 orders of the three. The fries are ala cart, and so kicked up the cost of the meal ($8+), for little value.

I got iced tea, which was good if a little weak. Ian got Coke that was pretty good. Erin got an excellent milkshake, which was too much for her, so I had to finish the rest of it 🙂

The meal ended up being $41.81 for the three of us. The fries were a big part of that, and the shake. It was good, though.


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