Another Nice Drive, Phoenix to US 93 via Sedona and Prescott

We went from Phoenix to Las Vegas Tuesday via the scenic route.

Note: don’t do this if you are in a hurry.

We left Phoenix after visiting the Arizona Mineral and Mining Museum, and having lunch. We hit the road around 1215.

We headed north on I-17. The drive through the mountains, with all the saguaro cactus, was beautiful.

We drove to AZ 169, the exit for Sedona. The drive to Sedona was somewhat slow, mainly due to a very low speed limit. The road seemed new, and had lots of roundabouts.

The views of the red cliffs was jaw-dropping and truly awesome.

Eventually we found AZ 89A and headed west. You almost immediately leave the red rock area and get into a large high valley.

We went to Cottonwood, a very nice town, and stopped at a Dairy Queen for ice cream.

89A continues through the mountainside community of Jerome. The road narrowly winds through town, going higher and higher. Jerome looks to be a nice little town. When I say it is built on a mountainside, I am not kidding.

Eventually the road gets up into the forest, and you get a continuous view of tall trees, with a lovely pine smell.

On the other side, you get into another high valley, occupied by Prescott Valley. Up a short slope on the other side, you get into the town of Prescott. We drove through town for a bit, and decided to come back and visit soon.

From Prescott, you get another beautiful mountain drive. Coming down on the west side, we made the turnoff for Kirkland, and headed north.

We did this because 89A continued to the SW to US 93, and I wanted to cut the corner. You have to be careful, keep going north on AZ 96, to AZ 97 just south of Baghdad.

The corner cut winds around a bit towards the town of Baghdad. You end up on US 93, with a couple hour drive to Las Vegas ahead of you.

This is a beautiful drive if you have to time. The direct route is from Phoenix directly up 93, and this adds a couple hours.

We hit 93 at 1715, and got into Las Vegas about 2100.

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