Ruby’s Inn Restaurant, Bryce Canyon, UT

Ruby's Inn on Urbanspoon

Ruby’s is right outside the entrance of the National Park. It’s a large complex, a hotel, store, gas station, etc. One hint – today, the gas across the street (a Sinclar’s, IIRC) was $0.30 less a gallon. We got there around 1245. The place was immensely crowded with tourists. There was a babble of language around us – French, German, British, Spanish, and American. There were even some Asian languages, but I couldn’t pick any out easily.

The restaurant part has a buffet for lunch, or order from menu.

Ian and Raegan ordered from the menu. He got (surprise!) a cheeseburger. It was pretty good, even if he was horrified it came on a Kaiser Roll. Fries came with it. Raegan got a Chef’s Salad with ranch. It was huge. She ate about 50% of it, and I ate most of the rest.

Erin and I got the buffet. It had some fried fish, roasted chicken, some chicken nugget-looking things, some beef rib ends, and some veg and bread and stuff. At best, it was OK.

Service was OK in sptie of the fact it was super crowded. Our check was $47.91.

I would not recommend the buffet. I do not think it was a good value.


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