Driving From Las Vegas To Bryce Canyon

This day started out slow – it took HOURS to get out of the hotel in Las Vegas. We finally headed north about 1130, on I-15. This was our second drive through the Valley of Fire as a family (and the fourth for me). It was hot, and bright and sunny, no clouds.

The highlight of this part of the drive is a passage into a deep canyon just east of Littlefield, AZ. As you approach traveling to the east, it appears that the road disappears into a sheer rock wall, but at the last minute, you can see that it is a narrow slot canyon. The interstate follows the Virgin River through the canyon, and it’s quite beautiful.

We stopped for lunch in St. George, UT, and had the second not terribly good lunch. This one was at Del Taco. The previous one was at Arctic Circle. Both meals were not bad, they just were not very good.

We continued on to Cedar City, UT, and took UT 14 to the east. That is a stunning drive! We quickly climbed up from Cedar Citys altitude of about 5800ft to a summit of of about 9600 on a volcano.

There was a vista as we climbed, this looks out all the way to the northern part of Zion National Park.

As we got higher, we drove past a bare, obvious volcano surrounded by a tremendous amount of lava rock. I wish now we had stopped and taken a picture, as we thought that we would have another opportunity, but it turned out that was our only clear view. I captured a Google Maps view of the volcano.

This field of lava is about five miles in diameter! The volcano is 9900+ ft high.

We drove along Navajo Lake (altitude about 9400 ft), and saw a tremendous pile of more lava rock. The kids thought the snow was pretty cool. The air temperature was about 60F. The kids and I got out and walked on the rock and snow for a bit.

Navajo Lake is in the background a bit.

Another image borrowed from Google Maps. This is an overhead of the lava field we were on. It is very large.

We connected to US 89 and came down a bit, and headed north towards Bryce Canyon. There were more trees than I expected.

Shortly we were at UT 12, another scenic byway that we would follow most of the way across central Utah. The first thing you see upon making the turn are some amazing hoodoos.

There are two tunnels! Not very long or deep, but pretty amazing.

As we approached Bryce, we saw this amazing bluff off in the distance. Turns out we would drive around it tomorrow.

We got into Bryce about 1645. This was a great drive.

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