Bryce Canyon, UT 63

Last Friday we left Las Vegas and made our way to Bryce Canyon. We got there in the late afternoon. The primary form of entertainment in the park is the amazing hoodoos, which are soft rock formations sculpted by wind (mainly) and water into fantastic shapes, mainly towers.

Utah 63 works down the length of the park. To the east, the Canyon. From the lodge area to the end of UT 63 is about 13 miles, every bit of it lined with fantastic shapes.

We got started about 1830, and got back about 2100. These are the best images of what we saw.

First, there were a LOT of pronghorn on the way, and a few mule deer.

Since we got such a late entry to the Park, we had a lot of situations where we had bright sun on higher formations, and less-lighted areas deeper in the Canyon. This is a good example. I’ve put both exposures up to contrast the natural colors.

A close-up on the lower part.

This is looking off to the south-southeast from the rim of the Canyon.

The variety in the hoodoos was striking. Here you see one (on the left) that is fairly solid, and the one on the right has a lot of red dirt flowing down that is a hoodoo in the process of disintegrating.

There is a lot of green growing in all that red dirt. Most of the green you see off in the distance is 50-60 ft pine trees. To the far left, you can see the big ridge that we took a photo of during the drive in. There is a small down called Tropic way down in the valley, at least 15 miles away.

This is a shot down one of the many mini-valleys of the canyon. The tree to the left would make a perfect, if huge, decorated holiday tree.

This shows an amazing canyon. The canyon opens up at Tropic.

The center of the photo here is the area around the Lodge and the Visitor Center, and is called, appropriately enough, Sunset Point.

UT 63 ends at Rainbow Point. This is where some of the most spectacular hoodoos are.

Here you can see some more ex-hoodoos.

This is looking back at the wall of the Canyon that we drove along to get to Rainbow Point.

This shows some of the hoodoos in their natural colors.

This reminded me of a castle and battlements.

This is from another part of Rainbow Point, looking off to the Southeast.

It’s a long ways down. Rainbow Point is around 9060 ft, and the bottom there is around 7700 ft. There was still snow laying on the ground up there.

We headed back with the Sun dropping. We stopped at several other overlooks on the way back. This looks south along the Canyon wall.

This natural arch will become separate hoodoos one day, if the whole thing doesn’t collapse.

This is one of the most amazing drives I have been on. There is a trail that follows under the rim of the canyon the entire length, and I would bet a lot of people get neck problems walking it, with all the head-turning to eyeball all the rock formations. It’s a recommended drive. I would suggest that it is best done in the morning, with the sun low, and especially from Rainbow Point.

We took a hike the next morning, and the hoodoos took on an entirely different color character with the sun coming form the east. Check out the Bryce Canyon hike post for those.

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    […] Bryce Canyon […]

  2. bwinwnbwi Says:

    Super nice pictures, super nice canyon!

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