President Obama’s Speech This Evening

I listened to the President’s speech this evening.

I appreciated the update on the BP oil spill situation.

I was very disappointed, in that I had really hoped that he would announce that finally, after many years, the United States would have a true energy policy. He talked about energy independence, but that’s a goal, not a policy, or a plan to get there.

I feel very strongly that since it is easy to import oil, and dig coal out of the ground, that’s what Administration after Administration has skated along with that as “policy”.

I would have hoped that since the disastrous BP spill, it would have spurred at least the definition of a framework. Since none was forthcoming, I urge President Obama to define one.

I humbly make the following suggestions:

  • Start a Manhattan Project to improve battery and solar cell efficiency. Look to use batteries and solar cells for providing distributed power for houses and local-travel vehicles. Local-travel vehicles use a hell of a lot of gas, but many or most travel less then 40 miles a day. Scatter solar cells on every house, wired into the power grid.
  • Use big power plants that burn fossil fuels primarily for big offices and factories.
  • Convert oil-fueled power plants to natural gas.
  • Convert more cars (medium/long range use) to natural gas.
  • Build huge wind farms. The Oklahoma and Texas panhandles, Kansas, and Nebraska are perfect (note, don’t listen to bogus arguments that they have to have big power lines to connect to the grid, that has to be done for a conventional power plant).
  • Build several huge solar farms. The Mohave, the Dakotas, Utah, the plains would be a good place. How about offshore, maybe floating?
  • We have the capability to convert our economy to become energy independent. There might not be as much place for oil there, but if we can get oil use down to the point where we don’t buy the stuff from overseas, then we will be ahead as a country.

    But this is the perfect example of what a national government is supposed to do. Make a policy, enforce it with legislation, and get started. The security of our nation might depend on it, and better to start now than get into a situation where gas is $8 a gallon because Saudi Arabia decides to sell to China instead.

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