Rudy’s, Norman, OK

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Raegan and the kids and I ate at this Rudy’s a couple years ago. We didn’t even know it was there, and we decided to eat there while in Norman to visit the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History (a really, really cool museum, by the way). I seem to remember that Rudy’s was pretty good. I’ve seen Rudy’s in a number of places since then, and my good friend Jamie and her husband are fans.

I was taking Ian to summer camp and decided to take State Highway 9, which runs through Norman and then to Seminole; the camp is right off 9. So that was a good excuse ^H^H^H^H^H^H reason to hit Rudy’s again.

We got there at 1400. We had to wait 20 min to get served, as they had one register open, and the lady being served was getting a BOX of BBQ, and service was serial only. After about 15 min, they opened up two more registers, and the line started moving again.

Ian ordered the pork [spare] ribs, a bag of chips, and a drink. I got the pork ribs, a half pound of “wet” brisket, some Rudy’s beans (pintos), and tea.

The ribs were not bad. They were fairly tender, but they didn’t have a lot of flavor to them. I think they needed to be smoked just a little longer. They were also kind of short, but they had enough meat on them.

The brisket was excellent! Tender, juicy, and with a lot of flavor. Easily the best part of them meal.

The beans were pretty good, hot and with pieces of brisket cooked in.

There were two bottles of sauce on the table: “Sissy” and “Original”. The Sissy was very bland. The Original had a bit of spice and taste to it, but was not at all hot. I mixed the two 50/50 and they were pretty good.

The tea was good, in big cups, and serve yourself.

This was a good visit. I am going to always have the “wet” brisket with future meals, and try some of the pulled pork and other stuff. We left about 1445. Our check was $26.52 for the two of us. Kind of expensive. All the stuff there is ala cart – you order meat, and then if you want a side, they are extra. Good BBQ, though.


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