Frateli’s Italian Restaurant, Shawnee, OK

Frateli's Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I picked this place more or less at random this evening. We were heading out to Seminole and needed dinner. This place had good reviews.

We got there around 1915, and left around 2000. The place was pretty much empty the whole time.

We started with Caesar salads. They were good, but dressing was a little tart. The tea I got was really good, in a big glass, and kept refilled.

Raegan ordered seafood risotto. It was kind of spicier than she had anticipated, but most of the spice was in the rice, not the seafood. It was good, she said.

I ordered fettuccine and chicken alfredo. It was pretty good. The alfredo was good, and there was a LOT of chicken diced up. I also ordered a childs plate of spaghetti with meat sauce. I thought that the meat sauce was a little skimpy for the amount of noodles, but I also thought that the sauce was way too sweat, and didn’t taste terribly meaty.

Overall, this was a decent meal. I would ask for the chicken in the fettuccine alfredo to be sauteed instead of grilled. Our check was $32.44.


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