Gino’s Italian Delite, Easton, PA

Gino's Pizza on Urbanspoon

After visiting the Crayola Museum in Easton, we needed lunch. Gino’s was right across the street, so we decided to give it a try. We got there around 1340. There are only about 10 tables, and three were filled.

There is a list of menu items on a sign on the wall, but after we sat down we discovered a menu with a LOT more stuff on it, including sandwiches and pasta dishes. Oh well. We had already ordered a pizza-by-the-slice of alfredo pizza for Erin, and a large 1/2 ham and mushroom, and 1/2 pepperoni and sausage.

They have a limited number of drinks, mostly bottles of stuff like Coke and water. No iced tea.

The pizza was pretty good. Erin scarfed down the alfredo slice before we knew it. The big pizza was pretty good, the mushrooms were fresh, and the pepperonis just the right temperature. Ian looked on the sausage with concern, since it was thinly sliced sausage instead of the finely chopped he was used to, but he put it all away.

We left around 1445; the check was $23.59.

One best thing – these guys recycle plastic containers like soda bottles. I approve!


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