Pinocchio’s Pizza, Media, PA

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We were tooling along towards the hotel after visiting Valley Forge, and we ran through media. I saw Pinocchio’s on Blackberry Maps, and a guy in the gas station we were at mentioned it as being good.

So we headed over there and got there around 1730. The place was full, and there were about four groups ahead of us, but a number of people went out in short order and so we were seated in less than five minutes.

Three of us got iced tea (excellent, BTW) and one water. I also got a glass of Copper Ridge White Zinfandel, which was really good, perhaps the best wine I have had.

I started by ordering chicken parmesan. It was excellent, moist and firm and thinly breaded, tasty. The marinara that it was covered in was excellent, some of the best I have had. The side was spaghetti with meat sauce. That sauce was thick and chunky. It was OK. I would rather have had the same marinara that was on the chicken.

Ian ordered a medium sausage pizza – it was the size of a large most anywhere else. It was fairly tasty, with shaved sausage and a thin crust.

Erin ordered a mini white pizza, and ate it before we noticed, so it must have been really good.

Raegan got meat lasagne. She said it was “OK”, and I agreed. I thought it was bland.

We left about 1855, the place was still full. Our check was $55.11. Service was OK given how many people were there.

This is not just an Italian place. They have cheesesteaks and other sandwiches. In fact, most of the menu is hand food, and fairly little of it is plate food. What I saw around me looked good.


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