Ciro’s Italian Eatery, Elkton, VA

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This was a jewel of a restaurant! We had come out of Shenandoah National Park, and were looking for dinner. We just missed the country home cooking place that closed at 2000, as it was 1955. We decided that Italian was just the thing for us.

The restaurant was about 75% full when we got there; we were seated immediately. My iced tea had just a touch of coffee flavor, but I put in 1/4 packet of sugar to mask it, and the refills after that were good, with no aftertaste.

We started off with some cheese garlic bread. It was good but pretty standard. Raegan and I got salads with ours, they were OK.

I got the chicken parmesan. Excellent! Came with some spaghetti with meat sauce, also excellent! Nothing left. Erin got fettucine alfredo. Excellent! Ian got a meatball sub. He didn’t eat the bread for the most part (he’s weird about that), but the meatballs were completely gone.

Raegan got manicotti. Her standard thing for two manicotti is to get one with with alfredo and one with marinara. Our server (who was very good) was a bit taken aback by this, and so was the cook apparently. They were concerned that the alfredo and marinara would… touch! When asked about this, Raegan said, sure, let them! They still came to the table on two plates. Kind of funny. She ate it all.

We were done about 2100. The place was still 75% full. Our check was $46.79. Service was excellent.

Turns out that the people that own Ciro’s also own the Tex-mex place in town. If it’s like Ciro’s, it might be pretty good.


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