Granny’s Chicken Ranch, Bonner Springs, Kansas Speedway, KS

Granny's Chicken Ranch on Urbanspoon

I think that this was a near-perfect eating experience.

We had stopped at Cabela’s yesterday while coming home from Omaha to buy a backpack for Erin. We were hungry, and saw Granny’s from across the road, and said let’s try it. We got there about 1730; the place was less than 10% full.

The iced tea was great, perfect flavor, and served in a big glass. Great start.

Raegan and I got salads. These were simple green salads with some croutons, served family style. The ranch dressing was excellent! I could have taken some home (they sell it by the pint, if you ask). I asked who made the dressing, and our server said it is made right there in the restaurant using buttermilk and stuff.

Raegan got fried chicken, the signature dish. It was pan-fried and perfect, crispy skinned and not overly greasy, and really, really tasty. Great stuff. They do the breading the frying right there.

I ordered the pot roast, and it was a perfect example of a food I should NOT know how to cook well. I would gorge myself on it until I exploded. The roast was tender, great beef flavor, and had cubed red-skinned potatoes and carrots cooked in. If there was onion, I couldn’t taste or see it. I might suggest that some onion be added. The roast was in a brown gravy that had the roast flavor, and was excellent.

Ian ordered a chicken fried steak. I rated it a 10! It was tender, had great beef and breading flavor, was breaded right there in the restaurant, and had a generous helping of really good gravy. Pretty much a perfect CFS.

Our three meals were served with extra gravy, roughly mashed red-skinned potatoes, and green beans, all family style in big bowls. The only thing here – the green beans had little flavor. They were long beans. I like the cut beans better, I think they cook better, but that is an opinion.

Erin got a bowl of potato soup, and we all agreed it was excellent.

I think that the food here was PERFECT. I wouldn’t mind eating at Granny’s often (the five-hour one-way commute for food is a bit hardcore even for me, but I do go to Omaha often, and it’s not that far out of the way 🙂 !

We left around 1830. Our check was around $50 (I can’t find the receipt).

I talked to the manager on the way out. The owners daughter was our server. The service was perfect. The food was excellent, and the price was reasonable. The interior was nice and not too noisy. The selection was vast. the iced tea excellent. This was simply the best restaurant experience that I have had in months. I hope that Granny’s survives, and does not change.

That Cabela’s, by the way, is amazing. It’s HUGE. There is a Great Wolf Lodge in the area as well. We might have to set up a weekend trip…


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