Jacala Mexican Restaurant, San Antonio, TX

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A co-worker mentioned several times over the past couple years how much she enjoyed “chili gravy”. Now, that’s a combination of two of my favorite words, so I of course asked what it was, and was informed it was kind of a heavy chili con carne.

Well, I’m in San Antonio, so I have to try chili gravy. I did a little research, and found that Jacala has the finest in the city (note this is not a universal sentiment, but there was a lot of commentary about Jacala, and it was close to the hotel).

Started off with salsa and chili con queso. The salsa was thin and had decent spice heat. The queso wasn’t very spicy, and seemed to be velveeta. The tea was good and refilled often.

I got the Mexican Meal (I think it was #24), which is three cheese enchaladas and a puffy beef taco, with beans (I have seen references to “puffy tacos” on marquees all over town). I upgraded the enchaladas to chicken enchaladas for $0.20 each. The puffy taco was a smallish tortilla that has been cooked up to be sort of air filled and fluffy, and then had beef, lettuce, and tomato. The enchaladas were covered in… chili gravy! They were pretty darn good also. The beans were pretty standard.

Overall, this was a good meal. I would not recommend getting the queso, but the rest was good. I was there with a coworker. We got there about 1745 and left about 1915. The restaurant was not crowded. My check was $16.75, of which $5 was the queso I would not recommend. Service was good.


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