Austin Grill, Washington, DC

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This is another I-found-the-receipt-in-my-bag so it’s sort of late posts…

It was 07 July. We had visited the National Archives and were looking for a place to eat. We literally walked past Austin Grill and decided to try it.

We got there about 1815, and the place was only 15% full.

We got chips and salsa at the start of the meal. It was tasty, not spicy, and very thin. We ordered a bowl of queso, and none of us liked it. It was some sort of melted velveeta. We also got some nachos, and they were terrible. They were covered in the queso, and had embedded jalapenos and some other unidentifiable stuff. Not good at all.

I got steak carne asada. I had never had carne asada, but I liked it. It was applied to a skirt steak (like you would use for fajitas), and it was pretty good, with a good spice heat to it.

Ian got chicken fajitas, without bell peppers or onions. The chicken was very good, and if he had included the onions, it would have been outstanding. Darn teenagers.

Erin got cheese quesadillas and liked them very much. Hard to go wrong with cheese and tortillas.

Raegan got chicken quesadilla and they were good also. I know this since I had some!

We all ended up getting some desserts. Ian and I got vanilla bean ice cream, Raegan had cake, and Erin had a brownie.

We left about 1930. Our check was $85.17. Kind of expensive, but it was DC, after all. Was it worth it? If I were in OKC, I’d say no way. Being that it was DC, I’d have to say it was OK. Not getting the crummy appetizers would have knocked $12 off the bill, and the desserts added about $25, that would have priced the meal at about $50, which would have been reasonable.


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