Saturn Grill, Nichols Hills, OK

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We’ve heard good things about Saturn Grill for years, and last night, we were in the area so we decided to check it out.

We got there around 1800, and left about 1850. The place was about 25% full when we got there, and about 80% full when we left.

Erin got a cheese pizza. She ate all of it but the crust, and said it was good. The kids pizza included a fruit or cookie, but they forgot to give it so Erin got it later.

Raegan got a West Coast Club, with turkey. It was good, but she brought half home. The meal came with home-made dill pickles that she liked (I tried one of mine, it was OK, but I’m not a huge pickle person).

I got a Spicy Steak Sandwich. The ingredients were posted on the menu and included meat and onions. The sandwich came with a bonus: chopped bell peppers! Yuck. They were biggish pieces, and I fished them out (one comment to restaurant people: if you put something on a sandwich, you need to disclose it up front so that customers can ask that it be not included with the meal). The sandwich was pretty spicy, from what I think was black pepper. The sandwich was on flatbread, kind of a puffy pita bread.

The tea was China Mist. I am not liking China Mist as time goes on. It has a funny taste.

We all got cookies. The peanut butter cookies I got were OK, but didn’t have a lot of flavor.

Our check was $30.73.


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One Response to “Saturn Grill, Nichols Hills, OK”

  1. Amy Newman Says:

    Hi! After reading your comment on comatose I thought I would just clarify one thing. The peppers on the spicy steak jalapeños which is why it is “spicy” other than the BBQ mayo. I’m not affiliated with them at all, just love that sandwich so I thought I’d share.

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