Trosper Park Golf Course Snack Bar, Oklahoma City, OK

Trosper Park Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I got the chance to eat at this snack bar yesterday before playing golf. I ordered at 1137 and got it at 1155.

I got a double-meat cheeseburger and a large iced tea (free refills!). The burger was perfect, with great flavor and an excellent crust on the meat, and just juicy enough to require a napkin between bites. The bun was even good! These come with lettuce and tomato (which I asked not be added), and then you add your dressing from a nearby area (I put on some real mayo). I didn’t get fries, which was good since they would have been too much.

The tea was a bit coffee-flavored, which I let the staff know about. I ended up putting about a half packet of sugar in and that masked the coffee flavor mostly.

So this was a good burger, and fast, and far better than anything you would get at McD. The cost was $7.04 (might seem high, but it was a double). Great stuff.


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