Jim’s Fried Chicken, Spencer, OK

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I love to eat fried chicken. Relatively few restaurants serve it, and fewer do a great job of it.

I had heard of Jim’s occasionally over the years. They are open odd hours: 1000 to 2100 Monday- Thursday, and are in Spencer on 23rd St.

I suggested Jim’s for lunch today to a co-worker, and by the time we were done we had ten people going.

We got there about 1130, and there was one table occupied. We left at 1215, and there were two tables occupied.

I ordered the three-piece lunch meal, all light. They brought me a mixed meal, and quickly brought another breast piece without my having to ask.

The chicken wa perfect, with a thin skin that was golden and just the right amount of crunchy. There was no grease, yet the chicken was juicy and had great flavor.

The meal came with a smallish mashers and gravy – the gravy was poultry gravy! Both were good. It also came with cole slaw. It was creamy, and had just a little bite that another co-worker identified as horseradish. That might be the first time I can identify food and horseradish as “good” at the same time.

I got an iced tea that had just a touch of bitter flavor to it. I think it was cheap tea rather than coffee flavor left behind.

We were able to order quickly, and got the food quickly. It was excellent fried chicken. My check was $8.19, which I think was very reasonable. Jim’s will be added to the lunch rotation, even though it is a bit of a drive from work.

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