Delta Cafe, Edmond, OK, Redux

Delta Cafe on Urbanspoon

We ate at the Delta Cafe a couple months ago, and were impressed.

We just completed another meal. I had a hamburger steak with mushrooms and muchroom gravy, and it was excellent! The beef had great flavor, and had been seasoned with something akin to Worchester Sauce. Really good. It came with corn and Mac and cheese. I also got a good vanilla milkshake.

Raegan got chicken and dumplings, and thought it was not quite as good as it should be. There could have been more chicken, and there was a lot of black pepper in it, too much.

The tea was excellent, and the wheat rolls with butter and honey were a nice start to the meal.

Delta Cafe is growing on us. I like it better than Cracker Barrell.

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One Response to “Delta Cafe, Edmond, OK, Redux”

  1. James Says:

    Seriously doubt Mr. Hensley ate at the same place as everyone else due to his blog descriptions or maybe they knew him. This food was so bad, that even though I had to fork over more than 36.00, we left a table full of food unfit for consumption. I didn’t want to make my dogs sick.

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