Fat’s Asia Bistro, Folsom, CA

Fat's Asian Bistro and Dim Sum Bar on Urbanspoon

Fat’s was recommended to us by one of the employees of the company we were working at in El Dorado Hills. We went there for dinner last Thursday evening. We got there around 1750, and left around 2000. The place was uncrowded when we got there, and when we left.

Fat’s is sort of family style. You order your meal, and it all gets put on a Lazy Susan to be shared.

I got Genghis Beef, which is sort of like broccoli beef, with some onions and green peppers thrown in (which I had removed when I ordered). There were other meals with jalapenos in them (which I do not believe are grown in China, or for that matter anywhere in Asia). I “upgraded” my rice to chicken fried rice (from either white or brown), and was glad – it was good, but it was $9 (!). Kind of expensive for $0.75 of ingredients.

The iced tea was OK, and one of the two problems here was that the restaurant ran out at some point and had to make some more; the other was that the tea was slightly fruity tasting.

My check was $29.31 – pretty expensive. The service was so-so. The meal was tasty if not terribly large portions. I’d go back again, but only with a group.


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