Chicken Pie Diner, Poway, CA

Chicken Pie Diner on Urbanspoon

After my Iron Mountain hike, I was hungry! I missed my turn onto Ted Williams Parkway, and cut back on Pomerado since I knew it crossed TW. I happened to notice the bright yellow sign for the Chicken Pie Diner, so had to check it out. The Diner is in a strip shopping center, in a small area. There are no more than 15 tables, and a counter. I got there about 1815; there were six tables occupied.

I got the house specialty, the chicken pie, as an ala carte item. It was about 4-5 in in diameter. The interior is chicken and gravy, and there are some carrots and peas on top of the pie, with some more gravy. The pie shell was good and flaky. The peas on top were what I call “big green industrial peas”, were kind of a lurid green, and were not fully cooked. The carrots were OK. The gravy was good. The chicken in the pie was kind of stringy and just a bit tough. Overall, the pie was… OK.

I also got a side chili. The chili was about 50% beef and 50% beans. The flavor was OK, but there was zero heat in the chili.

I had tea, and it was good, although it was served in a metal milkshake shaker.

The service was pretty good. I would not mind eating here again, but I would try something else. I left at 1900, and there were four other tables occupied. My check was $11.39.


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