Charleston’s, Edmond, OK

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Charleston’s used to be one of our favorite restaurants, especially after the Interurban restaurants started getting weird. There was a location on NWX just west of MacArthur that we spend a lot of money at. They have the best creamy garlic salad dressing I have every had. They also used to make on the best ribeyes around, but stopped having them on the menu (no explanation ever given). The cost of the meal also went up quite a bit, so we don’t often go.

We did go last Thursday. We got there around 1715, and left around 1900.

R2 got soup and salad. It was good, but there was a LOT of salad. The baked potato soup was excellent. Ian got chicken fingers. They were OK, he didn’t leave any. Erin got mac and cheese (a side note, she was kind of surprised that they were long noodles and not what comes out of the Kraft box). I got a roast chicken (a 1/2 bird) that was excellent. The tea was really good, and the service was also.

Our check was $65.47. That’s kind of high, I think, even with a bowl of soup. The food was good, though. We will go back every once in a while.


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