Charly’s Restaurant, Oklahoma City, OK

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We decided to try Charly’s Saturday evening. It’s fairly near our house. We had been headed for the IHOP at 122nd and I-35, but did a real-time change.

We had eaten at Charly’s quite some time ago, just after it opened. The verdict then had been: “it’s OK”. Not good, not bad, just OK.

So we got there about 1900. There were a number of cars in the lot, but only two tables occupied. I quickly figured out why – there is a separate smoking room that is not very well sealed.

We ordered quickly. Ian and I I got T-bone steaks. Both steaks were overcooked, and mine had some very tough places. The steak was not overly flavored. I got hash browns and green beans with mine, Ian got fries and green beans. Erin got a taco salad. It wasn’t bad, there was a LOT of it. She asked for salsa, and all they had was New Mexico green chili sauce; she had wanted a baked potato, but they were out, and wouldn’t have any for 30 minutes. Raegan got the fried catfish, a baked potato (she asked them to micro-nuke it, which they did), and green beans. She reported the catfish to be good to OK (which I note is not a ringing endorsement).

The salad and ranch dressing was good. I got vegetable beef soup with mine, and like it a lot. In fact, I think it was the best part of the meal. The tea was good, although it wasn’t refilled quite as quickly as I like.

Overall, the meal was “OK-“. Between the quality of the food, and the persistent smoke smell in the main part of the restaurant, it’s unlikely we will be back. Too bad. I would really like to have a good home-cooking place near our house.

We left at 1950. Our check was $46.31.


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