Sun & Sand Restaurant, Santa Rosa, NM

Sun & Sand Restaurant on Urbanspoon

OK, I don’t know if Sun & Sand is the real name of this place. The sign on top says: Restaurant. [19 Dec update: I found the receipt in my bag, it is Sun and Sand Restaurant!] We stopped here around 2000 on a Saturday evening returning from Pagosa Springs on the way to Amarillo and Oklahoma City. The outside sign was off, and the hours on the door said they closed at 2100, but they let us in, so that was a good thing.

The menu has a lot of items on it. New Mexican, gringo, Italian. I got a pair of enchiladas, one beef and one chicken. GREAT stuff! I ate every scrap on the plate. Raegan got the soup of the day and liked it. Ian got chicken strips IIRC, and Erin got an appetizer only (not very hungry). We were out of there in about 45 minutes. The check was $35.48. I seem to remember thinking that the meal was a really good value.

I think that this place is as good as Josephs. Service is a lot better also.


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