Legal C Bar, Dedham, MA (AKA Legal Sea Foods)

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On Wednesday, a couple co-workers wanted to get some seafood while we were in the Boston area, and the desk clerk at the hotel pointed us to Legal C Bar, which is apparently a subsidiary of Legal Sea Foods. It was a mile or so from the hotel, so we headed over.

We got there around 1800, and were seated immediately. There are a mix of tables – traditional booths and tables. We were seated at a high table with bar-height seating. The place was very crowded, about 80% full, and was completely full when we left.

OK – if you are not terribly interested in seafood, this really isn’t your place. There were only two non seafood items – a beef tips (I saw one on a nearby table, and it looked like it was more brown gravy with small chunks of presumably beef over a lot of rice), and a chicken dish.

I went with the flow and got fish and chips. I started out with clam chowder. It was really good, but a bit expensive at $6.50. The fish and chips – I was really disappointed. I’ve had fish and chips in England, right off the street, and found it really, really good. This was OK at best. The fish I expected was a fillet of cod, and what I got was chunks of what I suspect was not cod. The fish was, well, fishy, and left a not-too-pleasant aftertaste in my mouth. The cole slaw and fries and onion straws were OK. But the chunks of fish were just not impressive.

The tea was good, but it ran out often, so that was kind of a drag. My check ended up being $27.72, which just does not seem like good value for the money. Yes, I *know* that LSF is famous, and so is more expensive, but the seafood was simply not outstanding. We talked about this on the drive back to the hotel, and we speculated that we saw a less desirable species of fish due to overfishing.

My friend Clark got hot tea. This came with the single coolest teabag I’ve seen – a long pyramid. I thought about taking it back home to show Raegan.

That cup, BTW was $3.50. When I think about an entire box of Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast Tea, which is $3 for 80 bags, that works out to about $0.04 per bag. That leads to believe that the hot water at LCB is extremely expensive, or the markup at LCB is just hideous. Somehow, I think the markup is the problem.

They did have very cool bathrooms. The “sinks” were glass panels tilted forward at you at a 45deg angle, the water splashes off the panels and runs down and back toward a tradition basin.

We left about 1930. I don’t think I will ever go back.

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