Mama Lucia, Elkridge, MD

Mamma Lucia on Urbanspoon

I ate here for dinner tonight with two friends. We got there about 1830, and left about 2015. The restaurant was only 10% full the entire time.

The meal started with some excellent, crusty garlic bread with some oil with garlic to dip the bread in. I asked for some marinara as well. The marinara had a lot of (I think) basil. It was OK.

I got a ceasar salad, very good, the dressing was very creamy.

My main course was chicken marsala. The marsala was good, but there was fairly little of the sauce. It came with spaghetti (al dente!) and was covered with mushrooms. It was excellent! The whole meal was very tasty. And HUGE. It could have fed a family of three (if they had a normal appetite).

I tried Clarks chicken fettucine alfredo, and it was also very good, and similarly huge. I tried the lobster ravioli, and tasted fishy.

The tea was good and the service was OK. I would eat here again. My check was $21.15.


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