Fatburger, Elkridge, MD

Fatburger (Elkridge) on Urbanspoon

I like cheeseburgers! A lot. I have heard that Fatburger is good, and at dinner last night, noticed that there was a Fatburger in the same area, so four of us went there for lunch today.

We got there around 1210 and left at 1250. I checked out the menu and ordered a King Fatburger, which is a half pounder. I got it with cheese, mayo, and lettuce, and the combo came with fries (you can get thick or thin; I got thin) and a drink. Cost was about $9 (I left the receipt behind).

It wasn’t the best burger I’ve had, but it was pretty darn good! The meat was cooked perfectly, and had a nice crust on it. It looks like the patties are made right there are are not chunked out by machine. The meat had decent beef flavor, but one thing I noticed was that it didn’t have as much flavor as some (like In-And-Out).

They had Gold Coast tea, but it was not very good. The Coke was OK. I’d eat here again.


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