Alvarado’s, Edmond, OK

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Friday evening, we had run a bunch of errands, and didn’t really want to cook, so we headed up to Edmond to hit the Ted’s there. It had a 90-min wait (!), so we headed south, and Alvarado’s was there on 2nd Street. We had eaten at the Alvarado’s on 63rd many, many years ago, and I think we liked it, so we decided to give them a try (it should be noted that the location on 63rd has been gone a couple years ago, the land was eaten by the Chesapeake Energy expansion).

We got there around 1845 and were seated immediately. The restaurant was about half full. Our orders were taken quickly. The iced tea was really good, a good start.

Small bowls of queso and salsa are individually served. The queso was pretty good, it had just the right amount of flavor. The salsa had a strong tomato taste, and it was much more spicy than most, right to the edge of my comfort level. It was very good.

Raegan and I split an order of mixed beef and chicken fajitas, sans peppers, as usual. The fajitas were… not that good. They seemed to be charred somewhat. The chicken was tasty enough, but the beef was pretty tough. I had to fight the beef out of the tortilla. I also thought that the ratio of beef/chicken/onions was a bit more biased to the onions than it should be.

Erin had some cheese nachos, she wasn’t very hungry, and Ian had chicken quesadillas, he said they were good.

We got sopapillas to end the meal. Raegan and I got our glazed in brandy butter sauce at the servers recommendation. It was interesting, but didn’t really add to the flavor.

So the meal was… OK. Not bad, not spectacular. I was a little annoyed that the sopapillas were not part of the meal (the “standard” one was $0.99, and the two with the sauce were $1.29 each). The total ticket was $47.64. We left about 2015. Service was pretty good.

I would go back, in the same situation, but Alvarado’s would not be my first choice.


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