Gunther Toody’s Diner, Colorado Springs, CO

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OK, that is one silly name for a restaurant. I have driven by this place a dozen times of the years, and had it recommended to me several times. Last night, a couple work friends and I checked it out.

We got there around 1945, and left 2050. The service was spotty overall. I noticed after we left that even though I had ordered chili fries, I got plain fries, so I got cheated out of $1.69. NBD in the Grand Scheme of Things, but a bit annoying.

I started with iced tea and a vanilla shake. The shake was excellent, just like a milkshake should be. The tea was OK at best.

I ordered a couple cheeseburger. One cool thing: they offered a choice of breads for the bun! I got mine on a wheat bun. The burger was OK. I’ve had better, and I’ve had worse. The beef was not overly flavorful. The fries were not very good; they were kind of greasy.

So the meal was a mixed bag. The shake was good, the rest of the meal was OK. Service was OK. I don’t think I would mind going back, but it would not be my first choice.


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One Response to “Gunther Toody’s Diner, Colorado Springs, CO”

  1. Julie Star alias TOOTSIE Says:

    howdy bill! my name is TOOTSIE and i am the original, broke the mold when my family and i moved to az. i am so very disappointed in your less than adequate dining experience I miss GTs oh so much! in addition to playing the ‘roll’ (pun intended) of Tootsie I also served as Corporate Trainer for over seven years, opened 2 locations and Colorado Springs Grand ‘Re-Opening’ after a badly needed ‘overhaul’. I have got this to say about that…the quality of food and service were nothing less than excellent! Kim & Rhonda Hofphenspirger, Owner/Operator; Michael Director of Operations,& Lou Bruno, Kitchen GM; me-Tootsie-myself Julie Star and I-the ‘A’ Team Crew hand picked and personally trained by myself and help me Rhonda help help me Rhonda! NO sublevel inadequate grub got past us&out to our pals in the DR or bar. Even tho it has been some time since Trixie & Tootsie rocked the b&w tiles of the great GT’s, I was anxious to hear that the spirit and dedication to quality food & service-saddle shoes-slips slippin out of our gawdy green outfits- and bubble gum would truly live on. Unfortunately, sounds like Elvis has indeed, left the building ;( Please give us another try- give a “Toody’s Tiny” a chance to wet ur whistle, tell ’em Tootsie sent cha and said “For all you hosers n greasers to give our friend Bill a nicklel 32 oz Tiny of Bud, Bud Light or George Killians!” Pass it on tell a friend or someone you work with! I’d rather have you & ur buds sittin at my bar drinking 32 ounces for a nickel than lookin at beautiful fun chrome barstools with no butts keepin em warm! Shake rattle n roll-twist n shout My 2 yr old granddaughter has just caught on to the Hoky Poky-what was I thinking?! God bless you & thanks for listening! Lots of love and bright red kisses…Tootsie!!

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