Bone Daddy’s, Dallas, TX

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Today at lunch it was suggested that we head over to Bone Daddy’s. The last time I ate at BD’s was probably 10 years ago; I seem to remember it was good then.

Now, it’s important to note that if you or your lunch/dinner companion would be offended by the servers dress in a Hooters, then offense will be taken at BD’s as well. The servers are all young and beautiful and scantily clad. The BBQ is first-rate, though.

There were nine of us, and we had to wait about 10 minutes for a table (given how many people were standing around waiting, I think that was pretty good). The place was CROWDED!

We ordered a bunch of appetizers. There were some tortillas filled with chopped brisket and jalapenos, some deep fried jalapanos, and I got two orders of chiken wings. The wings were very large and the BBQ sauce they came with was very good.

I ordered a two-meat dinner, with pulled pork and chopped brisket. That was some very, very good BBQ. It was tender, smoky, and was a lot of lunch. I got mac and cheese and some ranch-style beans. Both were very good, the beans especially (they were thick and had brisket in them).

The iced tea was very good, in both sweet and unsweetened configurations.

All in all, a very good meal and excellent company. Service was outstanding considering how full the place was. My check was $44.12, but the two appetizers I got for the table were $18 of that, and that includes an 18% forced tip. Our server busted her butt, and so I won’t complain about the forced tip, and I even added a couple extra bucks since she worked hard not only on our table, but at least several others.


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