Hiking Black Mountain, San Diego, CA

Today, I had intended on heading out to El Cajon for a hard hike. Instead, my flight into San Diego was quite late, and then getting people into their hotels, and lunch, took up more time. So I headed to my secondary destination, Black Mountain, to give it a try. I went with two work friends who came out for the same meeting.

Summary: Up at 1630, down at 1825. Total trip, 4.1 miles. Out and back on the same trail. Altitude: 800 to 1550 ft.

We found a trailhead at a community park, on the south side of the mountain, and headed out. It was about 65F when we left, and 55F when we came down; a bit chilly. You have a great view of Black Mountain from there.

The first part of the trail is steep. The trail is wide. It’s quite rocky in most places.

The rest of the trail, except for one section, is flat or quite gradual.

There was a large variety of plant material up there. Not much in the way of trees, but a lot of bushes and low plants. I really liked this flower.

We got to the top as Sun was starting to get close to the horizon. The views were excellent. This is off to the east. Iron Mountain and Mount Woodson frame the picture right and left. Note the trail running off at the bottom.

This is Mission Trails Regional Park, including Cowles Peak.

This is looking southwest, towards the parking lot where the car is.

Finally, this is downtown San Diego, and Point Loma.

We saw a couple bunny rabbits, and a number of small and medium birds, including a hummingbird, and a couple raptors. We saw a couple owl pellets, and tracks from deer of several sizes.

The following is my downloaded GPS track data overlaid on a topo, then Google Earth, and finally an altitude plot.

This was a great short hike. The views were fantastic. Very enjoyable.

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