Point Loma Seafood, San Deigo, CA

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Yesterday a group of us had lunch at Point Loma Seafoods. It was not an entirely pleasant experience, for me, anyway.

First of all, they don’t take credit cards. I am of the opinion that places that do not accept cards really don’t want my business. I won’t generally patronize them, but will go there if invited or with a group, like yesterday. They have an ATM in there (how convenient!), but it was not working (how inconvenient!), so I borrowed $20 from a co-worker.

We got there around 1150, it was very busy. I tried to put two empty tables end to end for our group to sit together, but a very rude employee told me I couldn’t do that, and then she forcibly moved the tables back apart. Our group had to sit quite far apart.

So you have to order, and then after a while a number is called, and you pick up your food. The whole process is kind of chaotic.

There is no non-fish food.

I ordered crab cakes. Now, I am not a fish expert. But I have had some crab cakes in Maryland (in particular), a little place just north of BWI airport, that were EXCELLENT. These, were not even close. There were three of them, just larger than half dollars, and they were partially charred on the outside. The crab and stuff on the inside wasn’t very good. The cole slaw was decent, and the fries were OK.

So I was not terribly impressed. Other people who were there raved about how good the food was, and those people eat a lot of fish. The ahi tuna was recommended in particular.

They have decent iced tea, but no free refills (Strike 3…).

We left around 1300. My check was about $15.75.


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