Spumoni’s, Pawtucket, RI

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This was a nice find. While I was on a trip to Boston this week, I decided I wanted to go to Rhode Island, specifically the Providence area. One of my friends came along, and being a crustacean lover, he wanted lobster. Me not being a lover of seafood, I needed a compromise. I did some Google research, and found Spumoni’s, the full name of which is Spumoni’s Italian Seafood Restaurant, which seemed like a best-of-both-worlds kind of thing.

We got there around 1730 and were immediately seated. We were started off with drinks and bread. My drink was iced tea, and it was good (I had low expectations!). The bread was white, and it was great! Ron said it was perfect PBJ bread, and I agreed 100%. I asked for some marinara to dip the bread in, and we were giving a cereal bowl of the stuff; it was a meat sauce, and tasted excellent, and was perfect for dipping the bread in.

We both got salads; mine was ceasar, and was excellent. The salad was served dry, with the dressing in a couple small cups.

Ron got stuffed lobster and said it was excellent.

I got chicken parmesan. It was two breasts, very lightly breaded, and perfectly baked. The chicken was tasty and juicy. It was covered in that wonderful marinara, and came with a significant side of pasta (I had linguine), with more of the marinara. That was an outstanding meal.

We left around 1900. My check was $18.05. The service was very good; my tea never ran out.

We went on to visit a bit of Providence, making it a fun evening.


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