Windows Vista

Vista can be very frustrating to me. I have it on the laptop that the Air Force issued me to work with. Internet Explorer has bouts of being Internet Exploder, just hanging up and dying. IE (version 7 in this case) just cannot display Facebook pages correctly, and it complains incessently about web pages, by displaying a little “error” indication in the lower left of the window.

I’ve complained before about the picky instability of Outlook with Exchange.

Tonight, the video driver on the computer died and BSODed the machine. Twice. I suspect it is related to the fact that I am using two monitors with the machine (which, BTW support for which is built in). This video driver issue happens every couple weeks. One of the times it happened with a Microsoft Word 2007 document open, and that caused Word all kinds of heartache.

I finally finished what I was working on, and needed to save it to CD. Well, every version of Windows up to this one, you just drag the files to the CD/DVD drive, and it wrote them out fairly quickly. Not Vista, first, it has to format the drive. Except that it complained that the CD/DVD drive was under the control of another program. A little examination of the taskbar reminded me that Media Player was running.

Now, Media Player wasn’t doing anything remotely needing the CD drive; it was playing a TV show that I was streaming from the den of the house. But apparently, Media Player wants Total Control Over All Your Computing Assets. I shut it down and now I could access the drive, but it still wouldn’t format the disk, and shortly thereafter the second video driver BSOD forced a computer reboot. That cleared everything up. I just now got the damn data onto the disk, 30 minutes after I started.

I am continually frustrated by Microsoft. It took them a couple times to get XP right, and I would rather run it than Vista (or even W7, although I admit I have little experience with it).

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