Casa Juanito, Del City, OK

Casa Juanito on Urbanspoon

I ate here for lunch today. It was middle-of-the-road food. I got there around 1200, and left around 1240. There was a line waiting to order, but it was only about a five-minute wait. The restaurant was 90% full the entire time.

The ops concept is that you walk past a buffet-style serving area. You tell the guy back there what you want. Sometimes he disappears into the kitchen to get the order, and sometimes he takes the food off the buffet.

I ordered the #11, three chicken enchiladas with your choice of beans (pintos or frijoles) and rice. You can get sour cream sauce, enchilada sauce, or chile con carne overtop the food (I got con carne).

After you go through the line and pay, find a table and sit down, you get chips and salsa brought to the table. The chips are thick. The salsa is OK, with decent flavor, and chunky tomatoes; it has no heat.

The food was OK. Not especially good, and not bad. Service was OK. My check was $9.40.


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