President Obama, 9/11 Trials, and Gitmo

I’ve written before about my thought that all terrorism suspects should be tried in regular criminal courts. The accused 9/11 plotters included. I am disappointed that the President (or the Attorney General, I guess) gave in to the howling cowardice of the Republicans (mainly) to have the trials in secret in the unconstitutional prison at Gitmo in Cuba.

The President was interviewed by AP yesterday, and the interview was reported in USA Today.

So he says that he still thinks that the trials should have been held in New York. I’m glad he thinks that, but I wish he had been a bit more forceful about it about three months ago.

I’ve said it before: nothing the President does will satisfy the Republicans. He needs to stop reacting to their constant howling outrage about anything he does, and just do what’s right for the country. The trials should be held in New York, and the hateful prison at Gitmo needs to be closed. Period.

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