Hamburger Hamlet, Crystal City, Arlington, VA

Hamlet on Urbanspoon

I have been eating at the Hamlet for probably 20 years. They make a consistently good burger.

Yesterday I went there for lunch with a couple work friends. I got a hickory burger, which is a cheeseburger with BBQ sauce on it (as opposed to true hickory sauce). The burger was perfectly cooked, with a nice crust, and medium well, so it had a bit of nice juice. It came with the usual stuff like lettuce. The fries were pretty good also, fried just right and just crunchy enough.

The iced tea was strong and more or less kept refilled.

We had one problem – a late arrival to the table didn’t get his order put in by the server, and so he had to get his to go. The server didn’t give any discount, but after John spoke to the manager he comped the lunch, and gave John cards for two free lunches to boot.

We got there around 1155 and left at 1300. My check was $16.85. Good stuff!


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