Hunter Steakhouse, San Diego, CA

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This evening, I wanted steak, and the rest of the crew was amenable. I did some Google searching for “family steakhouse”, and Hunter Steakhouse had good reviews. We got there at 1845 and left at 2005.

I got an appetizer for the table; it was four skewers of chicken, four of shrimp, and four of teriyaki beef. All were pretty good (or maybe it was because we were all very hungry?). They came on a bed of rice, which was *very* good! The chicken had a semi-glaze of BBQ sauce on it, and some were nice and thick. The shrimp were medium sized, and the beef smallish. It was a nice start to the meal.

I got (talked into) a porterhouse. It came a perfect medium. The tenderloin was tender, fork tender. The strip was excellent. There was no charring. That was one good steak. It came with a ceasar salad, not very big but good. It also came with two sides; I got potatoes au gratin and onion rings. The rings were OK. The potatoes were excellent; they were more like the fried potatoes I remember my mom and dad cooking on family picnics at the lake. They had onion in them.

The tea was kind of funny tasting, but not so bad I sent it back.

This was the best meal I have had in San Diego this trip; I will be back to Hunter. My check was $47.27. That seems a little high, but the appetizer was $10 of the total, and the steak was $30. There were lots of other things on the menu that looked good also.


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