DJ’s Dugout, Bellevue, NE

DJ's Dugout on Urbanspoon

DJ’s used to be in a strip shopping center a block north of the freestanding building it is in now. I dimly remember having a meal there many years ago. Some work friends suggested it for lunch today, and it was pretty good.

We got there around noon and left around 1300, the place was crowded but we were seated immediately.

I got iced tea; it was from concentrate but wasn’t too bad. We went there for the special of the (Thurs) day, it is a ribeye with potato for $7.99. Mine was a perfect medium, pretty tender, and had good flavor. For an $8 9-oz steak, not too bad. I got fries, they were OK. The meal also came with a decent salad.

There are lots of TVs all around, and a Keno area if you are into that. My check was $11.29 with the drink, and service was good. This is not a bad option for a Thursday lunch. My companions reported that the rest of the food on the menu is good also.


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